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Petmin’s metallurgical anthracite

Petmin’s metallurgical anthracite product competes with bituminous coals, chars and cokes as a carbon feedstock in the metallurgical industry, particularly in the production of ferroalloys.

These reductants all have advantages and disadvantages, depending on different quality requirements for smelting. The higher quality of suitably-produced cokes makes them expensive relative to other reductants. Anthracite has over the past seven years become a very competitive alternative to coke in the production of ferroalloys.

Somkhele’s product is currently sold to the ferrochrome and iron and steel industry. Future potential markets include the ferromanganese industry and titanium smelters. By calcining the Somkhele anthracite, there is potential to upgrade its quality by increasing carbon and reducing volatiles, which will help to penetrate niche metallurgical markets.