Petmin USA Inc

Petmin USA Incorporated is the sponsor and developer of a project which plans to build a dedicated manufacturing facility for the production of Nodular Pig Iron, in Ashtabula Port, located in the state of Ohio in the United States of America.

Pig iron is the intermediate metallic product derived from smelting iron ore in the steel industry containing 95% Fe (iron) content. Traditionally it is produced in blast furnaces and fed directly into steel production in integrated steel mills. Pig Iron produced for third party consumption outside of the integrated steel mills is referred to as Merchant Pig Iron (“MPI”). A high-grade derivative of MPI, is Nodular Pig Iron (“NPI”), used primarily in the metal casting industry by foundries in the production of ductile iron. NPI is a high purity pig iron, low in the following elements (or impurities): manganese, sulphur and phosphorous.

NPI is consumed by the metal casting industry to produce ductile iron, a strategic and unique engineering alloy used for speciality metallic castings in inter alia the vehicle, construction and engineering industries. These highly engineered castings are part of 90 percent of the world’s durable goods. They are found in cars, trucks, aerospace, trains, mining and construction equipment, oil wells, appliances, pipes, hydrants, wind turbines, nuclear plants, medical devices, defense products, toys, and more.

Petmin USA’s manufacturing facility will produce an estimated 425,000 tonnes per annum of premium NPI, utilising a best-of-breed gas-based pre-reduction shaft furnace and EAF process

With local and government support, the project has potential for around 500 construction jobs over the construction phase and 100 skilled permanent jobs to be created in Ashtabula County, Ohio.