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Vision and strategy

Petmin is focused on the steel value chain and commodities required for urbanisation and infrastructure development.

Petmin’s vision
Petmin’s vision is to develop into a geographically-diversified multi-commodity mining company which delivers sustained and superior returns to shareholders through capital growth and payment of dividends; and to make a positive impact on the communities in which it operates.

Petmin’s strategy
Petmin’s strategy is to grow through expansion of its cash producing assets, and acquisition and development of high potential projects into profitable operations, while retaining the option to dispose of assets at the maximum point of return. Due to the current state of the commodities market, cash preservation is critical and, despite a strong balance sheet, Petmin will in the short-term focus on projects that are cash generating and in the bottom quartile of the cost curve.

Petmin is focused on the steel value chain and commodities required for urbanisation and infrastructure development. The company continues to diversify geographically and by commodity. A mix of quality cash-producing assets and phased investment in high potential projects enables Petmin to reduce its risk and retain a high degree of optionality.

The executive team at the Petmin corporate office executes strategies approved by the Board and sets the tone for the business. The executive team allocates capital and deploys skills and experienced teams to projects and operations.

Operational management is decentralised with a high degree of independence and decision making by disciplined, innovative and entrepreneurial teams. Members of the executive team are all significant shareholders in Petmin.
  Vision and strategy
Delivery of the Petmin strategy is based on the three pillars of operational excellence, value-added growth and securing the future.

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  Operational excellence     Value-added growth     Securing the future
  Health and safety
Maintaining a culture of injury-freeand fatality-free operations
    Organic growth
Maximising the potential ofexisting assets
    Ongoing training
Improving productivity through skills development
  Entrepreneurial management
Disciplined and innovativemanagement teams
    Acquisitive growth
Investing in and developing projects which match Petmin’s strategic focus and investmentcriteria
    Licence to operate
Embracing the spirit of the Mining Charter in South Africa and all relevant legislation incountries where Petmin operates
  Margin management
Ensuring Petmin is in the bottom 50% of the cost curve andstriving for innovation to optimise margins
Focused high potential exploration for Petmin’s keycommodities
    Stakeholder management
Effective and open
communication with stakeholders
  Innovative technology
Seeking cost and operational efficiencies in exploration andoperations
          Community benefit
Ensuring sustainable benefits for people and communities in the areas where we operate
              Environmental responsibility
Minimising the impact of mining
              Governance, risk and compliance
Maintaining a culture of performance discipline to ensure compliance with globalgovernance and risk standards